Staten Island Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

It is usually in the best interest of children to have their grandparents in their lives, but because of other family conflicts they may be needlessly cut off.  Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. is a family law attorney who represents grandparents, because she understands how vital it will be for children to have the love and support of their grandparents as they grow up.

Sometimes grandparents seek to assert their own rights because their grandchildren are being neglected or abused. In cases like this, they may also be seeking custodial rights. New York Family Law Lawyer Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. is able to present your circumstances in court so that you can assert your own, independent rights to have your grandchildren be a part of your life.

Who can ask for Grandparent Rights?

The courts understand how vital it is for children who are growing up to have ongoing contact with their attended families, even if there are unrelated family conflicts.

The normal standard for deciding child matters is what is “in the best interests of the child,” and courts naturally presume that a parent or other legal guardian will make the best choices for the children in their care. This is important because parents must make daily choices for their children.

When the courts rule that grandparents have rights also, they must overcome this presumption that parents are making the best decisions already. This is even more complicated when both parents are trying to keep the grandparents out of a child’s life.

What will I have to do?

A New York Grandparents’ rights lawyer like Attorney Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. will meet with you to get the facts of your situation. If there are issues of abuse or neglect, there can be a need to notify authorities. Otherwise, you will discuss with her a plan to assert your rights in the way that causes the least stress and conflict with your grandchildren.

If you are cut off from your family, you don’t want too much time to pass before you do something. Children grow up fast. Call New York Grandparents’ Rights Attorney Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. today to see if she can help you.

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