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Painless divorce does not exist, but the right attorney can minimize the stress associated with this notoriously difficult process. Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. is a top resource for separating and divorcing spouses in New York. A trusted matrimonial attorney, Carolyn M. Halk has successfully guided numerous clients through the complications of custody, support, and property division. Her goal is to ease the burden of dissolution and pave the path to a fresh start.

Filing For Divorce in New York

You’ve made the difficult decision to file for divorce — your next step should be to contact a respected New York divorce lawyer. Your attorney can guide you through the entirety of the dissolution process, beginning with initial filing.

Eligibility for divorce in New York depends largely on your status as a resident. The residency requirements for New York divorces can be frustratingly complex, but if you and your spouse have lived in the state continuously for two years (or have been married for one year following a ceremony performed in New York), you should have no trouble filing. Lesser residency requirements may apply if the grounds for divorce occurred in New York.

Grounds for divorce vary significantly from one case to the next, but the most common is an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship, lasting at least six months. This is also known as no-fault divorce. Other spouses may initiate divorce on the grounds of abandonment, cruel and inhuman treatment, or living separately pursuant to a separation agreement or decree.

Issues Settled During the Divorce Process

Divorces can range from surprisingly straightforward to hopelessly complex, depending on whether separating spouses have children or heavily intermingled finances. Those with children must resolve a variety of issues related to custody, support, and visitation. Beyond child support, the financial elements of divorce include property division and spousal support. Further complications can occur when spouses own business interests together, have extensive real estate, or if one of the spouses is a member of the armed forces or a veteran with a military pension.

Divorce Representation at Carolyn M. Halk, Esq.

A contentious divorce can cause extreme anxiety for both spouses and their children, but sometimes, an adversarial approach is the only way. Whether you intend to resolve your complications through mediation or litigation, you can count on Carolyn M. Halk, Esq. for high-quality support. Reach out today to learn more.

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